Pencil drawing I did to illustrate the short story “La main Gantée” written by Jean Lorrain in “Contes d’un buveur d’Ether” . 6 hours of work I think.

It’s a bit gloomy! it describes the corpse-like faces of travellers in a train. One of them forgets on his seat a female gloved hand….Brrrrr

Familles contraires

Exercice de character design où deux familles doivent s’opposer.

La première, artificielle, prise par le temps et le business semble être interrompue par la prise de leur portrait. Ils sont suspects, en contrôle de leur image. La seconde famille semble plus naturelle, moins attachée aux biens matériels et laissent voir leur réelle complicité. 🙂


Can you imagine two opposite families?

The first one is the Pecabli family: They seem quite artificial, self absorbed, very busy because of their time-consuming job. I wanted to make them look like they are in control of their image, looking at the camera as if they were disturbed or interrupted in their business. Besides, i wanted the composition to look rather “flat” like a one-dimensionnal family portrait. It seems like they gathered to take a picture but try to hide something in the background.

The other family is the Dorante family: They don’t seem to care about being observed, they enjoy themselves together, selling bracelets, playing music, smoking and making jokes. Their pets have no leash and nothing there seem to be an overall feeling of ease and sweetness among them.

I hope you like the character design here, I really enjoyed working on those portraits 🙂 It was very interesting to imagine the different lives of those families.

L’amour au temps des dinos

Exercice type « Patate chaude » pour les étudiants de 4ème année: chaque groupe d’étudiants est chargé de la réalisation d’un plan d’animation qui fait circuler un objet d’une séquence à l’autre. Ici, je me suis occupée de l’animation du tricératops, de son entrée en scène, jusqu’à ce qu’il s’agenouille devant sa dame.

J’ai travaillé en collaboration avec mes amies Esther Brustlein et Pauline Giacobi. Leur sites web: et

Team work on this animated sequence :
I was in charge of the animation of the triceratops from the moment he appears to the moment he kneels in front of his beloved. I worked with my friends Esther and Pauline that can be found here: and